Why Choose Us

  • oem/odm


    We are a professional golf apparel manufacturer, providing OEM/ODM services for golf apparel



    Have dozens of professional technical personnel to serve you, ensure the quality at the same time let you get more profits



    We not only produce golf clothes, but also sports clothes, yoga clothes, beach pants and so on



    Delivery is fast, as long as you indicate the delivery time, we will be on time to submit quality and quantity to you

Let us be your garment manufacturer

Jing Qi, a professional golf apparel manufacturer near you

We are a Chinese golf apparel manufacturer with a history of more than 25 years in the apparel industry.Since 2003we have been focusing on the production and manufacturing of golf apparel.
Therefore, we have a good understanding of every detail of golf apparel manufacturing. At the same time, we have a fairly stable supplier of golf apparel fabrics and accessories, and they have been cooperating with us for more than ten years. In addition, we have experts with 20 years of clothing experience. We believe that we can make complex and difficult patterns and samples for you.

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Our Service Process

1、Contact us

Contact us, submit your requirements to us and conduct preliminary communication

2、Sample payment

After the demand is established, you are required to pay for the sample

3、Confim Sample

We arrange production samples and submit them to you for inspection as soon as possible

4、Pay the Deposit

After sample inspection, you are required to pay a deposit so that we can purchase raw materials and arrange production

5、Product Feedback

In the production process, we will communicate with you at any time and submit product feedback to you

6、Product Package

After production, we will pack them according to your requirements

7、Pay The Balance

At this time, we need you to pay the remaining balance before we can deliver the goods to you

8、Trans Portation

We will use the transportation logistics provided by you to deliver goods to you. You should collect the goods in time

Product customization services we provide


  • Where are China's golf apparel manufacturers?

    China is the factory of the world.
    China's golf clothing factories are generally distributed in Guangdong and other coastal areas.
    Because those places have convenient transportation and perfect supply chains

  • Where to Find a Good golf Clothing Manufacturer?

    1.Sourcing Chinese wholesale and custom clothing manufactures from fashion exhibitions in China
    2. Find Chinese clothing suppliers from B2B Marketplace in China
    3.Ask sourcing agents find the best clothing manufacturers in China

  • How to choose the right golf apparel manufacturer

    Communicate with manufacturers to check their capacity.
    Take care the manufacturer’s Minimum Order Quantity.
    Get the manufacturers Experience

  • Cheap Price, Correct price but not lowest price

    Every China clothing manufacturers has their own prices for the same items
    but the price should be similar not too high and not too low
    you should choose the correct prices for your orders, too high make you loss, too low may can’t make the correct garments for you.

  • Why choose Jingqi golf clothing for processing?

    Located in China's famous clothing area-Guangdong Province.
    Less than 2 kilometers away from the fabric market.
    Have a mature supply chain and skilled workers.
    And our minimum order quantity is only 100.pcs

  • What we can provide?

    1. Provide high quality customized logo golf shirt for you
    2. Yoga clothing customization
    3. Sportswear customization
    4.And other types of clothing (beach pants, polo t-shirt) customization / processing