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Are you ready to start a fashionable clothing boutique, but need unique products? Jingqi Apparel is a leading & trusted partner in custom children's apparel manufacturing. 

We are a professional children's clothing manufacturer and specialize in the production of good quality children's clothing for Australia, Europe, and North-America. As a private label clothing manufacturer, we garnish our kids  apparel with your brand labels and custom care labels. Our international management team and our unique company culture differentiate us from other kids clothing manufacturers in China.

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Why Choose  us for custom children's clothing

The process is simple and the cost is affordable for everyone. We offer low minimum orders, fast turn around times, hassle-free import process.

1、Low Minimum Orders

We offer low minimum order quantities making our service affordable for everyone on a budget.

2、Design and Development

Do you have your own designs? We are proud to work with many creative people around the globe, who let us manufacture their own beautiful kids’ wear. Give your children’s clothing a unique design and differentiate your brand from other kids’ clothing companies!

3、Timeline & Quality Control

We pride our selves on our quick turnaround time and quality control. All of our custom garments are CPSIA Compliant allow you to focus on marketing your new product.


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Custom Boys' Clothing Manufacturer And Exporters In China

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Best children's fabric

Best children's fabric

    Children's delicate and flexible skin is obviously more sensitive than adults, so they are vulnerable to injury or irritation if exposed to rough and tough clothing fabrics. Because of this factor, when you are looking for clothing manufacturers to customize children's clothing, you must choose the right fabric.

A large number of textiles can be used for baby and children's clothing. When choosing materials for teenagers' clothing, safety and comfort are always the primary consideration.

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