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Golf clothes are the most important equipment in golf! To give you a comfortable and fashionable golf suit has always been Jingqi's unremitting pursuit!

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     "Golf" is a transliteration of GOLF, consisting of four acronyms for English words. They are: Green, Oxygen, Light, Friendship. It means "Green, Oxygen, Sunshine, Friendship", and it is a sport that combines the enjoyment of nature, physical exercise and games. The clothing designed by Jing Qi clothing is based on the needs of sports itself, focusing on the comfort of the clothing and the functions of windproof and perspiration. Golf has strict requirements on etiquette, which is manifested in clothing, which requires dignified and generous clothing styles, comfortable and suitable for body movements!

    The fabrics selected by Jingqi clothing are imported high-end special fabrics, with four highlights: soft and comfortable, healthy and breathable! Absorb sweat, wick moisture, and refresh your body! Full of flexibility and free swing! Anti-wrinkle and anti-fading, the same image!


Custom scope:

    Enterprises, institutions, banks, groups and other golf team uniforms, golf club clothing, golf event clothing, caddy clothing, and accessories customization: such as golf caps, golf umbrellas, golf balls, etc. Customized services, including gifts, prizes, balls Tools, LOGO printing, etc.!

Custom advantages:

    Since its development, Jingqi Clothing has become a modern enterprise with many senior designers, many professional tailors, sewing engineers, and dozens of skilled craftsmen. In the past 15 years, we have provided a total of 2,000 personalized customization services and have contracted a full set of customized services for 1,000 golf team events! Our own 500 square meter production workshop guarantees delivery time! At the same time, providing customers with convenient and high-quality services has always been our pursuit! guaranteed quality! Customer satisfaction rate and return rate reached 99%. Friends are welcome to call and visit our company for wholesale customization!

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