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Where can I find Chinese clothing manufacturers?

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Everyone knows how painful it is to find a reliable manufacturer, and we hope to eliminate these pains and make it easier for you and other brands to find reliable suppliers so that you can make better decisions for your next manufacturing partner.

The first thing to say is: there are millions of garment manufacturers around the world. In China alone, there are more than 170.0000 garment related product manufacturers.

Many traditional methods of finding suppliers are outdated or inefficient. But a traditional approach still exists: the infamous fair.

Chinese clothing manufacturer

Trade show

Here, you can find many product suppliers. The most important exposition is premiere vision; it is well known that it is likely to attract mature industry participants.

The advantage of the fair is that you can get to know many suppliers in just a few days. But remember, crowded expos can also be overwhelming. Many exhibitors are very busy, which may make it difficult to start a dialogue.So here's the trick:Make sure you schedule ahead of time. You can usually find a list of potential exhibitors on the Expo website.

Send them email, arrange a meeting, and you'll have a great time with potential partners!

The disadvantage is that you have to go to the exhibition and are not sure if you can find the right supplier. If you have a very small number of orders, it can be very difficult to establish a connection, as many exhibitors have a much higher initial order than the initial brand price.

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