How to choose a golf apparel manufacturer as your best supplier?


For many golf apparel distributors and private label apparel brand owners, although they want to establish their own golf apparel brand, it is difficult for them to find a suitable manufacturer.

There are so many golf apparel manufacturers listed on the Internet and they don't know which one can give them the best service. So we listed some questions about how to choose a golf apparel manufacturer:

1. They have their own garment factory

To become a professional golf clothing supplier, they should have their own clothing factory.

Today, too many trading companies claim that they have their own factories. But the reality is that they just registered the company name and rented an office or studio to contact customers. Insufficient experience in fabric sourcing and garment manufacturing. Therefore, such a trading company cannot be your reliable partner. Choosing to cooperate with them will only waste your time and money.

Suppliers with their own factories usually manufacture for domestic or foreign customers for several years

Even more than 10 years of experience. They have extensive experience in garment manufacturing and cooperate with professional textile suppliers. In addition, suppliers with their own factories are usually more powerful, and when problems arise in production and after-sales, you don't have to worry that no one can solve the problem.

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2. Strong sample production team

A good golf apparel should also have a professional sample team to help their customers purchase the latest fashion fabric sewing samples from the market. In this way, they can ensure that our customers’ products are unique in the market and help them win in the market.

Strong sample production team

3. Lower MOQ and more competitive price

Generally, if a factory can only accept a relatively high MOQ, it will be very difficult for golf apparel owners with private brands to create their own apparel brands. Should lower the minimum order quantity and provide customers with competitive prices. In this way, they will grow together with their customers.

Lower MOQ and more competitive price

4. Fast batch production time

Good clothing suppliers should also provide their customers with fast mass production time.

Instead of completing mass production of goods after 2-3 months. (Usually 30-35 days) will help their customers gain the advantage of seizing the market.


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