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China factory direct polo shirt and golf clothes with logo wholesale custom

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The humble golf shirt nearly a decade ago was reinvented by a miracle of fashion technology. Borrowing heavily from the ski and endurance industries, golf clothing manufacturers started using synthetic materials which were cooler in hotter weather, more breathe better, absorbed sweat away better, allowed it all to evaporate and then layered it with high-tech fabrics that made the wearer feel even better. But now, golf apparel is more than just about how well you can swing your golf club. It's about looking good on the golf course.

Sure, you still get your traditional golf shirt, but golf clothes manufacturer are now creating golf shorts as well as golf pants in order to make you look even better on the course. One company, for example, has a wide range of shorts with different styles, colors and lengths. They've even created golf shirts that look like they're simply made from golf equipment - shirts that come with shorts attached. Grown men and women alike will certainly appreciate these Greg Norman shirts because they look great, aren't too expensive (the average price of a pair of golf shorts runs under $30) and, best of all, are extremely comfortable to wear.

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