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wholesale custom short sleeve women's golf clothes

Women can now wear anything they like to play golf without having to buy new clothes. Even the smartest professional woman golfer still struggles with the issue of what to wear for golf every day. However, here is a secret: You do not need golf clothes to dress well for golf either. At many private country clubs, golfers are not allowed to wear anything that looks like a dress to play golf on a public course.

Here's another secret: Most people have no idea that women make more fashion sense than men when it comes to choosing golf clothing. Women tend to pick golf apparel that is loose-fitting and casual, while men choose golf apparels that have longer tops and pants. In addition, women typically wear their golf socks outside their golf shoes, while men wear their socks inside their golf shoes. However, by Chinese garment makers specializing in golf clothes, women can now get the freedom to choose apparel that looks just as good on them as it does on men.

Chinese golf clothes manufacturer understand that women play this sport in comfort. They know that the right materials, the proper fit, and the use of bright colors will help make women feel as comfortable as possible on the course. These garments are made to be worn comfortably even on a very hot summer day and also to allow air flow through them and keep the wearer cool.

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wholesale custom short sleeve women's golf clothes

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