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Welcome to china sweatshirt and hoodie manufacturer, we can custom and wholesale hoodies and sweatshirts with good price. We are located in Dongguang City, Guangdong Province. We have a very good price advantage to customize small batch clothing, and we can customize printed logos. with different methed , such as screen print, embroidery logo.

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How to find a hoodie manufacturer in China

How to find a hoodie manufacturer in China

This article mainly understands how to find the important factors that a custom hoodie manufacturer needs to consider. These factors are necessary to find the right clothing manufacturer for your hoodie design, not just a random selection of regular

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How much does customized hoodie cost?

How much does customized hoodie cost?

As one of the most professional clothing manufacturers in China, we receive daily inquiries from entrepreneurs and brands about the price of customized hoodie, but we ask for clothing quotations without providing a design or technical package. Our an

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