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How to find a hoodie manufacturer in China

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This article mainly understands how to find the important factors that a custom Hoodie manufacturer needs to consider. These factors are necessary to find the right clothing manufacturer for your hoodie design, not just a random selection of regular clothing manufacturers.

custom hoodie manufacturer

First, understand what the minimum order quantity of the hoodie manufacturer 

Considering that small and medium-sized enterprises tend to be professional and order quantity, they prefer to find clothing manufacturers that accept small-volume garment orders. So how to find a manufacturer of custom hoodies can be a daunting task. Simply looking for a local factory is often not enough, because they usually only have a few different hoodies for you to print, and the choice of fabrics and accessories is very limited.

However, in fact, most clothing manufacturers prefer bulk orders, but most custom clothing items only allow you to order fairly small orders, because they are unique designs, and customers cannot bet on large orders at the first try. If you are one of the people who want to launch a real custom hoodie design, then finding a small batch custom hoodie manufacturer is your top priority.

You need to inquire about their minimum order quantity (MOQ) to ensure that your business model complies with their terms and conditions. As mentioned above, some garment manufacturing companies only cater to large orders and reject small orders. You prefer to make small orders for your custom hoodie project, which is why your potential manufacturer must reduce the MOQ as much as possible. It is not advisable to start with a large number-always test the water first and then improve one by one.

How to find a hoodie manufacturer in China

Second, understand the upstream and downstream integration capabilities of Hoodie manufacturers

A custom hoodie is a type of garment that requires the expertise of the manufacturer. They are usually made of elastic fabrics, which are difficult for tailors and tailors to handle, especially when combined with ornaments and special tailoring. This is also the reason why some manufacturers refuse to customize hoodie items, which are limited to certain types of clothing products.

When looking for a custom hoodie manufacturer, you need to consider the factors of hiring a manufacturer to produce your product. The first factor must be the quality of their work. Conduct background checks or ask for a list of their past products to personally understand the quality of their work. Recommendations and feedback from their past customers must also be welcomed. This is also an essential part of your company's due diligence process.

The next important factor is their cost and included design support. Since you are still starting a custom hoodie project and don't have a large budget, it is important to choose an expense that suits your financial situation. It is also important that the costs of your potential custom hoodie manufacturer must be transparent and will not incur unexpected costs in post-production. Make sure you can get help with design work, such as creating the necessary technical packages and cutting tables.

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