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How to find a production factory for golf clothing

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Why you are looking for a golf clothing factory? Actually, it is just what you need and I can meet it.

So how to find a processing factory for golf clothes? We must first understand our production needs, and then go to the factory with purpose.

(1) Cooperation model of golf apparel processing factories

Contract labor and materials Contract labor and materials means that you only need to provide styles, and the golf garment processing factory will help you find fabrics, make boards and produce them, you only need to be responsible for inspection and tracking of the production process. This mode generally requires a deposit of 30%-40% to be paid to the factory to purchase raw materials, and the balance can be paid upon delivery.

Cleaning and processing means that you find the styles and fabrics yourself, and provide samples to the factory yourself, and the processing factory is only responsible for producing batches of ready-made garments. This kind of cooperation mode is suitable for buyers with certain experience to operate, it will be a little troublesome, but it can save money.


To cooperate with the factory, we must also pay attention to two points: the first is that it is recommended not to easily lower prices, after all, you get what you pay for. Sometimes the factory promises a lower than normal quotation in order to take your order. It is likely that the quality will not be guaranteed and the price will be increased during delivery; the second is that it is best not to just give the factory a picture The factory gives you a quotation, which is very unreliable, because the manufacturer easily quotes when they do not understand the product positioning and fabric composition, and some subsequent quality and price problems may be very serious.

(2) Price negotiation skills of garment processing factories Generally, factories will give a quotation first, and then ask you if it is acceptable.

Some factories will first ask you what your psychological price is. At this time, you can not answer or give a lower price; you must compare prices. Find a few more factories to compare prices, so that you will have a spectrum of the entire production cost. Don’t take too low a price. The average quotation of several factories is probably a relatively reasonable price. If it is low, it may be sloppy by hand; there is no uniform standard for the quotation of clothing processing, generally according to the process, fabric, and difficulty of processing. It depends on the degree. After all, the factory has to weigh employee commissions and factory costs. If the quantity is large, the bargaining space will be large, and if the quantity is small, the labor price will naturally be higher.

(3) The cooperative attitude of golf apparel processing factories. Some factory owners respond promptly, sincerely, and talk and laugh, so they can be more assured. There are also factory owners who always look reluctant and unenthusiastic, and their responses are not salty or mild. This should be avoided. We are not active in receiving orders, and it is estimated that we will not follow up if there is any problem after sale. Especially when there is no documentary team and no one is responsible for quality inspection, it is particularly important to find a factory that responds to everything.

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