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How to find a suitable Chinese clothing manufacturer

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There is a deep water in choosing a manufacturer, and I don’t know how to choose a reliable clothing manufacturer that suits me. In fact, finding a clothing manufacturer is a very time-consuming process, and it is not easy for clothing professionals. Because this involves: the type of clothes you produce, the price you can afford, the quantity of your order, your quality requirements, etc.!

 It depends on what category the factory does

the factory category

Differentiating clothing fabrics: knitted and woven

First of all, woven fabrics and knitted fabrics, if not, let me briefly talk about them, like summer T-shirts, autumn/winter sweaters and the like are knitted and stretchy. The opposite is woven, like chiffon dresses, wool coats, etc. Of course, fabrics can’t be viewed this way. This is for people who don’t understand. If you understand a little bit, you don’t need to talk about it.

Each clothing manufacturer has its own superior category. You have to determine the type of clothing you want to make. For factories, they have professional classifications for making clothes. They make pants, jackets, skirts, and T-shirts. Different factories are good at different types, depending on what you want to do. The product determines the factory you are looking for is the first step.

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Quantity and workmanship

First of all, look for a woven or knitting factory in a targeted manner. According to the characteristics, quantity, and workmanship requirements of your products, you should find a relative manufacturer. For example, if you are exporting a dress, you need to find some products. A manufacturer mainly processing mid-to-high-end quality clothes

If you need to make 3,000 pieces, then you can find a small factory with 50-100 people to do it. The effect may be better than the effect of 500-1000 people.

Why? Let’s analyze it. First, a factory of 50-100 people thinks that you are a good job, just digesting, and running water can just be arranged. This is the reason why the so-called small boat turns around. And for a factory with 500-1000 people, your 3,000 pieces of things went in. They didn’t say how good the order was. (Note: I’m not saying that the 3,000 order is not good, it’s because everyone did it. There is an expectation in mind for garment processing. This expectation changes with time and environment. For example, when I only had 20 workers, I was very happy to order 300 pieces. It takes 5-6 days to process the intermediate links. The schedule is tighter and more reasonable. This is a profitable order, but it is different when there are 100 people. This kind of 300 orders will be accepted. It may not necessarily make money. The factory wants to make money, especially in the past two years. Reasonable overall planning is particularly important. For a workshop of 100 people, which part of the people will go online for processing, which part will process others, who are suitable to do this, and which ones People are not suitable and so on. These are all very important factors. A little unreasonable arrangement may not make money.) So looking for a factory is the same as looking for a target. It’s the same for each other and likes each other. Factory cooperation is the same as a couple's life. They need to tolerate and adapt to each other.

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There are many clothing manufacturers, which one to choose?

clothing manufacturers

1. Choose those with the ability to make patterns.

2. Choose a complete one. Many small factories do not have pattern masters and backdoors. Such factories may have risks in terms of delivery speed and quality.

3. It is best to actually look at the sanitary condition of the factory. If the sanitary environment is good, it means that the factory has certain management capabilities and there are few problems.

Four: How can I trust this factory

1. The history of the factory, garment factories that can survive for more than 5 years will not be worse off.

2. The proportion of older workers. Make e-commerce orders, because the amount is small, you have to constantly change money and reorder orders. The stability of the factory is very important. There are many old workers, which represents the stability of the factory personnel.

3. Which customers the factory has done before, if it has done a first-line brand, there is basically no problem with the quality. Of course, if it is a first-line brand that was made 3 years ago and its worker turnover rate is high, you should also be careful. Maybe all the workers had gone.


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