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How to find clothing manufacturers for small and medium orders

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Due to the rise of online transactions in recent years, at the beginning it was small batches of 50 or 100 pieces. Many large garment factories would not accept such small orders. For many shopkeepers, if they want to find samples for themselves, they will find the processing factories to produce them. , It’s really not an easy task. If you are not familiar with these manufacturing processes and approaches, you will only get one step wrong and wrong step! Next, the following describes how to find a reliable clothing manufacturer.

Looking for styles, proofing

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Many Internet celebrities have popular styles, and there are many production batches. Of course, some designers from small factories come to buy the version, because the trend is to follow the trend and follow the current trend. It is recommended that with the escalation of consumer demand for clothing micro-processing, it is best to find some designers to design the panel.

Pre-natal preparation: find fabric accessories


After buying the sample, directly take the clothes to the major textile cities to find the surface accessories that suit you. If you want to find the same surface accessories, it is difficult, because it looks like a fabric has N multiple components, so It is generally recommended to find similar fabrics. At present, there are many fabric markets in Keqiao and Zhongda. It is not convenient to go directly to the market. You can find someone to find fabrics directly. Nowadays, a lot of noodle accessories can be found on wholesale platforms such as Hao Order Network. After finding the noodle accessories, the next step is to find a processing factory.

Production link: find manufacturer


After finding the fabric, we can find a factory with a suitable processing fee to cooperate with ourselves. Generally, there are two cooperation modes with the processing factory:

1. Contract labor and materials-as long as you provide the style, the processing factory can help you find fabrics, make patterns, and produce. You only need to be responsible for receiving the goods and tracking the production process. This model generally requires an advance deposit of about 30% to 40% to the factory, after all, the factory needs to buy raw materials first. The balance can be paid upon delivery.

2. Cleaning processing---this kind of cooperation mode is more troublesome, but it can save money. After all, you ask the factory to buy fabrics, and the factory spends time and energy to find them. There must be a profit in the fabric. You have to buy good fabrics, find good styles, and make good samples. The processing factory is only responsible for making the clothes for you.

3. Find a suitable factory according to your own production batch. It is best to find the one close to your own location, so that you can communicate well. If the batch is not large, you will not find a large processing factory. People will not accept dozens of pieces of processing.


It is recommended not to arbitrarily lower prices with the factory, but always believe in the principle that one price is paid for. Sometimes the factory promises you a lower-than-normal quotation, which may result in quality insecurity and an increase in the price during delivery. It is also not recommended to ask manufacturers to look at pictures and quotes, this is very unreliable. If the manufacturer reads the picture and does not ask about your positioning and fabric composition, it will easily give you a quote, the sequelae will definitely be enough for you. At that time, either you are not satisfied with the quality or the price is too high and the factory slaughtered it.

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