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A must for golf beginners

In recent years, the sport of golf has become more and more popular among business people in China. Some novice golfers may become nervous because they do not understand the sport and because they are not fully prepared before going on the court. Today, the editor will share with you the essentials for new golfers.

   From the first hole to the eighteenth hole on the green grassy fairway, freely breathing the fresh air filled with the countryside woods and grass, bathed in warm sunshine, and striding towards the goal. The process of golf is both leisure and excursion.

  Golf is a sport and also a game (ball game). Sports are games, and any game cannot do without the form of sports. Sports are a kind of game, and any game is also inseparable from sports. They embody and tolerate each other. They all belong to the category of sports. Golf is no exception.

Golf apparel

   Stadium is a high-taste social place, which establishes noble interpersonal relationships in the process of competing with each other. Friendship is more important than winning or losing a game, and it is also the ultimate goal of the noble civilization pursued by golf. Therefore, whether you play in the leisurely environment of green hills and green fields, or go to the club bar called the "nineteenth hole" after playing 18 holes, you have the opportunity to make friends. From the perspective of leisure sports, golf is very helpful for friendship. On the golf course, you can talk about business or old times while playing golf. Golfing is actually a kind of party (that is, a social gathering). Golf's playing style and good environment make it easier than any sport to meet friends with the ball.

   In the process of playing golf, under the influence of their rules and the constraints of people's subjective consciousness, they each abide by the courtesy and etiquette of golf. Whether it is the dressing of the game or the interaction on the court, people abide by the rules of etiquette and are gentle. People here want to show their demeanor of modern civilization. It fully embodies the rich cultural connotation of golf and the characteristics of civilized, elegant and healthy sports.

   1. Necessary equipment for golf:

   1. Club

  Each golfer can carry no more than 14 clubs when playing off the court. It is up to the golfer to decide which woods and irons need to be matched with each other according to his needs. Under what circumstances to use the number of sticks, according to the player's personal conditions, the specific situation of the court, the location of the ball, terrain, direction, distance, wind direction, etc. to determine.

   Choosing golf clubs is a science, and beginners choosing clubs is a very important part of getting started. Casually renting old clubs for use can easily lead to bad swing habits. Most people think that waiting until you can play before buying your own clubs will bring endless troubles in the future. When beginners get started, the hitting technique is very unfamiliar, but as the time of practicing hitting passes, after your own skills are formed, choosing a club that suits your weight will be different from the previous practiced club, which will cause unnecessary The trouble, but a waste of time and money.

   The golf ball is a hard, flexible, solid white ball. The diameter of the ball must not be less than 42.67mm, the weight must not exceed 45.93g, and the standard ball speed is 75m/s. According to the hardness of golf balls, there are soft and hard balls, namely 70, 80, 90, 95, 100, 105. The higher the number, the harder the ball. The hardness of the ball is proportional to the hitting distance. The hard ball has a long distance and the soft ball has good directionality. According to the anatomical structure of the ball, there are single-layer balls, double-layer balls, three-layer balls, and multi-shell balls. Single-layer balls are mostly used in the practice field; double-layer balls are the most commonly used; three-layer balls and multi-shell balls are only for higher-level golfers. The colors are mostly white, but there are also yellow and red balls, which are personal favorites.

   2. Electronic positioning golf ball, golf ball finder

Many new golfers often prepare dozens of balls when they leave the court and they are not enough to play. When the best golfer makes mistakes, the ball flies into the woods, into the grass, or falls into the water. The ball more or less affects the mood of players and teammates. We were in the practice field. When we were playing, the coach repeatedly taught us to keep your eyes on the ball, not to look up, and to maintain the integrity of the movement. But many people forget about it when they are off the court. It is always bad. Many golfers pay attention to feeling when they are off the court. If a mistake leads to a long time to find the ball, and then hit the ball, suddenly feel a lot worse.

  The electronic positioning golf ball is an exclusive golf ball invented by UGOCE in the United States. It uses the world's latest wireless sensor precision positioning technology to help the global golfers find golf balls that fly out of sight due to hitting errors and quickly improve their golf skills. It is an essential and important item for golfers.

  main feature:


a. Epgolf maintains its stop function on the ground, and enhances the distance and stability. It is characterized by a high-speed core, a soft inner liner, a sensitive urethane ball skin, and a spherical 332-hole vortex design. . At the same time, the high trajectory contributes to greater distance and greater stability in windy environments.

  B. Use with the ball finder when looking for the ball.

  C. The three-layer ball structure ensures the stability of various distances.

  D. Built-in electronic positioning RFID chip.

  E. Built-in global original shock and vibration sensor, which sends out signals when vibrating to minimize power consumption.

  F. Built-in anti-shock power supply, guaranteed storage for 15 months, and service life greater than 3 months.

  G. Professional and sophisticated testing.

  H. Unique A.I.M serve and club address auxiliary line.

   3. Tees, gloves, sneakers, umbrellas

   Tee, used to raise the ball rack to a proper height on the tee, so that there is no resistance when hitting the ball. Gloves are mostly worn with the left hand, so that the hand and the club are firmly connected as a whole to stabilize the grip.


   sneakers play the role of protecting the turf, standing firm when hitting the ball, saving energy when walking, and anti-skid. The soles generally have small plastic nails or iron nails, which are easy to stand firmly and not easy to lose balance. On the green, it will not damage the lawn on the green due to uneven pressure. Now the stadium requires the use of rubber spikes. After a round of golf, golfers have to walk 18 holes, and sneakers are very important on the sports field.

   Umbrella, a large golf umbrella can not only block the light, but also block the sudden showers.

   5. Apparel, ball bag

   Clothing, the general golf clothing fabric should be a T-shirt with moisture absorption, water repellency, stain resistance, and antistatic properties. It has the characteristics of anti-ultraviolet, antibacterial, deodorizing, soft and not easy to deform. In addition to T-shirts, you should prepare a waterproof and windproof top that is breathable, lightweight, and easy to store when you travel to play. Clothing should be comfortable and decent, neat and clean, and does not interfere with swing and putting.

  Hat is one of the indispensable items in golf. Most people like to wear a cap and a visor without a top. The advantage is that the sun is not easy to fly off under windy conditions, and it can partially absorb sweat.

   sunglasses, not many players wear sunglasses to play. If you wear it, pay special attention to prevent the mirror from falling off during the swing. What's more important is to use goggles with high-quality lenses to maintain good vision when playing golf.

   Ball bag, a bag used to place clubs, golf balls, tees, gloves and other supplies, also known as club bags or golf equipment bags. You can choose a bag of size, weight, and material according to your height, weight, and number of clubs

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