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Another gentleman symbol in golf

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Golf opened the first page of its history more than 500 years ago. For golf enthusiasts, a long history has been condensed into one classic swing memory: playing birdie for the first time, successfully hitting the ball out of the bunker, or winning the BB prize (booby, also known as the Spirit Award) are all set as symbolic moments for aftertaste.

In 1983, Henry Fok built the first golf course in Chinese mainland, Zhongshan Hot Spring Golf Club, in three townships in Zhongshan, Guangdong. After that, golf was increasingly regarded as a symbol of status and status, but only knowing Golf truly could be regarded as a symbol of taste.

"Long long ago" of golf

A long time ago, golf was just the inspiration of a Scottish shepherd to hit a pebble into a rabbit hole with a shepherd's stick on his way home. Of course, this is just a legend among the origins of golf. According to textual research, the word golf first appeared in a decree of the Scottish Parliament in 1457 to "completely stop and ban Golf". King James II, the royal family of Scotland at that time, believed that the popularity of golf had seriously affected the development of "national skill" archery, so he ordered the sport to be banned. But the Scottish youth's pursuit of golf was not affected by the ban. The following story is that golf became a real aristocratic sport driven by James IV's (1491) enthusiasm for golf.

As for the origin of golf, there are three versions of golf in England, Holland and China. However, no matter which version of the shepherd boy or the "inventor" of soldier status, all of them point out the "Grass-roots" blood of golf, but in the end, this grass-roots sport has become a popular luxury sport promoted by the royal family all over the world.

The world's first golf club was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, but the real rise of golf should start in 1457 in St. Andrews, Scotland( St.Andrews city)。 The city of St. Andrews is truly the "capital of golf". It has unique geographical conditions - sea breeze, sand dunes, and streams. Even today, the rules of golf courses in the world follow the 13 basic rules formulated by the Royal Classic Golf Club of St. Andrews organized by St. Andrews in 1854; The inauguration ceremony of the head of the royal ancient golf club continues the old tradition, with each new club director donating a silver or gold ball. No wonder tens of thousands of pilgrims visit the golf course every year.

Who is the "master"?

Since the 16th century, golf gradually got rid of the "grassroots" fate, and was respected by the Scottish upper class. King James VI of Scotland and his mother Queen Mary are very obsessed with golf. It can be said that it is the Royal influence that has played a positive role in promoting golf to the world.

Although it can't be said that "golf is a celebrity sport", one thing is certain: many celebrities like to play golf. According to the research of sports experts, golf is the first choice for celebrities with limited time and energy.

"Celebrity movement" may not be an exaggeration. "Eisenhower Cup" of the men's golf team world championship is named after Eisenhower, the most skillful golf player among the US presidents. The president has made great efforts to promote golf, which is dominated by the PGA Tour in the United States, from a height of influence beyond the reach of ordinary people. No wonder Golf historians have come to the conclusion that Eisenhower Palmer TV is the iron triangle of American golf.

It can be said that the successive presidents after Eisenhower, such as Kennedy, Nixon, Johnson, Ford, Reagan, Bush and Clinton, are high fans. The first thing every president goes to Camp David is to play golf, and a green putter Green has even been built in the courtyard of the White House of the presidential palace, so that the president can relieve his hand itching at any time. As dazzling as the presidents are the royal family, Prince Andrews, Prince Albert of Monaco, and the late Princess Diana are regular golfers and fans of the sport.

If the royal family and the president are too distant, then Jordan and Beckenbauer may feel intimate. "Football king" Beckenbauer has this narrative in his autobiography: "every week I get a new contract. Once I decline, people often can't understand. Some people will say that he has too much time and plays golf there all day. But one should be a free man in his life - a free man. If I had known golf was so interesting when I was 20, I might not have learned to play football

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