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Dress code for golf

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The sport of golf is different from other sports. Golf emphasizes high-end, gentleman and self-cultivation. It is also necessary to be cautious in the choice of clothing, because if you are not careful, you will make a joke. The following editor of Jingqi clothing manufacturer will give you a detailed introduction on how to wear golf clothing for golf's dress code.

   For a golf gentleman, before walking into the golf course, he must consider wearing the right clothes and understand golf etiquette. If you don’t play well, you need to practice slowly. If you don’t wear the right clothes, people will think that you are just a golfer playing on a golf course, a real golf gentleman. The first step is to start with the golf dress code.

   A gentleman’s sport is often indispensable to golf, and the dress code for golf is very particular. It can be said that a person’s understanding of golf can be judged by dressing.

   is a gentleman movement, so there must be a gentleman image. There are special regulations for golfing, which is part of the golf culture that has been inherited from a long history. Therefore, whether it is at home or abroad, if it is the first time to play in a certain court, it is best to make a phone call and ask whether the club has special regulations on the clothing that players play next.


Golf apparel

   General membership clubs usually require the upper body to wear shirts with collars and sleeves. Players are not allowed to wear round-neck singlets, camisoles, denim clothing, miniskirts, short shorts and other overly casual clothing.

  Some clubs also specifically stipulate that they are not allowed to wear shorts of any style. Some have regulations on the style and length of shorts, such as not shorter than 4 inches above the knee, so cotton casual trousers are always the best choice.

As for golf shoes, most clubs currently require only special rubber spikes to be worn on the court due to the need to protect the lawn. If your shoes are still old-fashioned metal spikes, please consider replacing the rubber spikes or buying a spare pair. .

   Another way to choose the right clothes is to watch professional golf matches on TV and appreciate the superb skills of the professional stars while paying more attention to their dressing style. Maybe our skills are not good, but at least we can catch up with professional players in image.

  1, golf equipment

  2, golf gloves

  3, golf apparel

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  5, but also to understand golf etiquette

  The basic ones include hats and sleeves, what are the requirements for golfing, and the simple ones, which are almost used for golfing next time. Some also prepare towels, which are used to wipe hands, wipe sweat, and wash their faces when playing.

   You don’t have to be too rushed to get off the court and think about what you need to prepare, because golf has rules, and some things cannot be borrowed, and borrowing is considered a foul. When to prepare for golf, you need to think clearly.

   The above is the dress code for golf shared by the editor. I hope it can help everyone. For more information, please continue to pay attention to this site!

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