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Features of golf apparel design

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Each type of clothing has its own unique design characteristics. Golf clothing is a sportswear, which is different from other ordinary clothing and is connected. So what is the connection or difference between golf clothing design and traditional clothing design? The following editor will explain it in detail.

   In general, the design of golf apparel is similar to that of other apparel. Seeing golfers on the golf course, you will find that the collar of golf clothing is generally designed with three buttons, which feels solemn and rigorous, and can maintain a good body shape during the shot. The design of the sleeves should be tight. The length of the sleeves is slightly longer than ordinary short-sleeved clothes, slightly higher than the joints of the hands, and not too short, in order to avoid indecent scenes when hitting the ball. There is usually a triangular "notch" at the hem to make it easier for the athlete to turn around and hit the ball.

   "Design" refers to planning, conceiving, envisioning, and establishing a plan, and it also means imagery, drawing, and modeling. The "clothing design process" is to conceive according to the requirements of the design object, and draw out the effect drawings and plane drawings, and then make according to the drawings to achieve the whole process of completing the design.


  Chinese ladies golf apparel leads the trend of shorts:

Women’s golf clothing has always been in conflict with fashion and popular clothing. Golfing ladies firmly believe that noble temperament needs to be wrapped in layers, but with the change of the times, when golf has become a fashionable sport, women’s golf Clothing has also developed in the direction of short, mini and tight. This seems to be at odds with the original intention of golf apparel. When we are sighing that the sport of golf has brought us changes, is there a dress standard for this sport’s clothing? This article will start with the clothing in the early days of golf and look at golf. The evolution of sports apparel.

  The evolution of women's clothing:

   In the late nineteenth century, golf has always been the sport of the upper-class nobles in Europe and America. These gentlemen and ladies who received orthodox education firmly believe that noble temperament needs to be wrapped in layers, so some avant-garde things are incompatible with the rigorous aristocratic golf clubs. In this context, ladies can only choose to wear wide-brimmed hats and well-dressed long skirts to play. These conservative clothes greatly limit technical improvement.

With the acceleration of the "popularization" of golf, some new golf clubs have begun to "untie" female golfers. Although the requirements of each club are different, most of them are relaxed, except that the wearing of jeans is still prohibited (even if the advanced (Or expensive), other provisions are: absolute loose fit for sports, jacket with sleeves and collar, pants skirt without belt. But now, these regulations are being broken one by one.

"In fact, women's requirements for clothing are very simple, as long as they can reflect the femininity and femininity of women." Just as Nancy Hayley (CEO of a multinational clothing manufacturer) understands women's handball wear, she has now put all Skirts that were longer than knees were packed into the storage room.

   Women's requirements for clothing will never be more than what they already have, so now there is this self-made mode of DIY, which is convenient for the majority of women to make their favorite clothes. For details, please consult this site!

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