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Golf apparel manufacturers have seen a surge in orders in the wake of COVID-19

time:2020-12-15 author:Golf_apparel View:656

Now golf clothing manufacturers have resumed their work and production. For the arrangement after returning to work, many customers hope to know what kind of charging policies these garment factories will adopt after returning to work. These policies often affect the cost of many customers, so recently, many customers are asking about relevant problems. For a lot of clothing production work, although it has been back to work and production, but because the upstream and downstream suppliers are also affected by the epidemic, so many clothing factories can not achieve a large number of consistent clothing production. Therefore, for the majority of customers with demand, in the recent period, if there is a large number of order demand, often need to wait for a period of time.


Generally speaking, although the current golf apparel manufacturers say that they are returning to work and production, most of the time they still deal with the backlog of orders that have not been processed before. For the orders signed later, they often make corresponding clothing production plans according to the existing raw materials. Therefore, for many customers, if there is an order demand in the near future, they need to pay special attention to the time demand in the process of negotiating contracts with manufacturers. Generally speaking, the demand for large quantities of orders may be within a short period of time, and each manufacturer may not be able to complete it easily. This special situation requires the attention of customers in advance.

In addition, for golf apparel manufacturers, under the current situation, garment factories should upgrade their production technology once again. Although the present clothing production technology compared with the traditional clothing production technology has improved the efficiency of clothing production. However, after the resumption of production, the demand for orders in the market has become more and more. Consumers all know that the production technology can ensure the feel and upper body effect of garment production, so they have begun to choose advanced production technology. Therefore, in the face of the sudden increase in the number of orders caused by the epidemic, many garment factories still need the production line in the factory The purpose of upgrading again is to improve the efficiency again, and complete the orders of customers quickly and well in the shortest time. In this way, not only can the income of manufacturers be improved, but also the reputation of the market can be obtained.

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