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Golf dress etiquette


With the development of the times, golf clothing has undergone major developments and changes. It is no longer as conservative and constrained as it used to be, but it still has its own set of specifications. Generally speaking, membership clubs have the following requirements for dress code:

   Dress neatly and neatly:

   1. Men must wear a collared T-shirt and loose slacks.

   2. Ladies must wear a T-shirt with a collar, loose slacks or shorts that are at least knee-high.

   3. It is not allowed to wear overly casual clothing such as round-necked undershirts, camisoles, denim clothing, miniskirts, short shorts, etc.

   4. Must wear professional golf shoes.

  5. The reason why golf is called "aristocratic sport" and has the title of "gentleman sport" is that its special etiquette and club regulations create an elegant atmosphere of golf. If golfers can hold some "secret weapons" in the details, they can easily make themselves a popular golf star.

   The development of time. In addition to not affecting the performance of golf skills, we should also pay attention to the fabric of the clothing when choosing a suitable golf dress. Different fabrics target different groups, and we have to choose according to our skin condition and personal preference.

   1. Sweat-absorbent and quick-drying fabric: It is made of polyester yarn rich in eggshell inner membrane extract combined with advanced processing technology. The inner membrane of the eggshell is rich in a variety of amino acids, which promote the activity of cells and play a role in caring for the skin.

  2. New sweat-absorbent fabric: The newly developed Y-shaped variant cross-section polyester stretch nylon fabric not only has a strong sweat-absorbing and quick-drying function, but also the specially processed fabric weakens the shortcomings of polyester itself that it is hot and airtight.

  3. Refreshing fabric: It has the characteristics of soft and refreshing, sweat-absorbing and quick-drying, good air permeability, excellent soft and cool touch, and superposition of fibers with higher moisture content to make the skin feel refreshed. The fabric with double structure structure makes the UV coverage rate reach more than 90%.

  4. Cold and comfortable fabric: comfortable, sweat-absorbent and quick-drying, and non-sticky. It has the effect of caring for the skin's acid-base balance and deodorizing function. It is more suitable for golfing in summer.

   Some well-known brands have their own golf clothing. At the same time, many specialized golf apparel brands provide professional golf apparel designs and fabrics.

Of course, the general styles of golf tops are still looser T-shirts. The changes in styles are mainly concentrated on sleeves and necklines. The colors are generally refreshing monochrome. Of course, as golf gradually becomes more fashionable. Nowadays, there is no shortage of styles with bold designs and rich colors. The styles of skirts and pants are mainly trousers, cropped pants and culottes, shorts and short skirts.

   Golf is a gentleman's sport, so to play golf, you need to have a gentleman image. There are special regulations on the dress code for golf, which is part of the golf culture inherited from the long history. Therefore, whether it is at home or abroad, if it is the first time to play in a certain court, it is best to make a phone call and ask whether the club has special regulations on the clothing that players play next.

  General membership clubs usually require the upper body to wear shirts with collars and sleeves. Players are not allowed to wear round-necked undershirts, camisoles, denim clothing, miniskirts, short shorts and other overly casual clothing. Some clubs also specifically stipulate that it is not allowed to wear any style of shorts. Some have regulations on the style and length of shorts, such as not shorter than 4 inches above the knee, so cotton casual pants are always the best choice. As for golf shoes, most clubs currently require only special rubber spikes to be worn on the court due to the need to protect the lawn. If your shoes are still old-fashioned metal spikes, please consider replacing the rubber spikes or buying a spare pair. .

   Another way to choose the right clothes is to watch professional golf matches on TV, appreciate the superb skills of professional stars, and pay more attention to the way they dress. Maybe our skills are not good, but at least we can catch up with professional players in image.

   Nowadays, golf is a part of high-level business and social networking. Appropriate etiquette on the court can add points to personal or business etiquette. Therefore, golf etiquette should not only be ignored, but it is also necessary to study well.

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