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Golf's clothing collocation and its design concept

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In the era of rapid economic development in the 21st century, people pay more and more attention to the quality of life. Golf is a fashionable sport and is sought after by people. This sport is very demanding in terms of clothing and etiquette, which can improve one's self-cultivation. So do you know how golf clothing is generally designed and selected?

   Today, the editor will tell you about the evolution and history of golf clothing, and the importance of clothing to players, because a comfortable set of golf clothing can delight players to a large extent, thereby increasing the success rate.

Golf clothing

   When playing golf, most people put their eyes on the club and the ball. But beautiful clothing will also be a highlight on the court. So, do you know what is special about golf clothing?

   "Design" refers to planning, conceiving, envisioning, and establishing schemes, and it also means imagery, drawing, and modeling. The "clothing design process" is to conceive according to the requirements of the design object, and draw out the effect drawings and floor plans, and then make according to the drawings to achieve the whole process of completing the design.

  Chinese ladies golf apparel leads the trend of shorts

Women’s golf clothing has always been in conflict with fashion and popular clothing. Golfing ladies firmly believe that noble temperament needs to be wrapped in layers, but with the change of the times, when golf has become a fashionable sport, women’s golf Clothing has also developed in the direction of short, mini and tight.

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  The evolution of women's clothing

   In the late nineteenth century, golf has always been the sport of the upper-class aristocrats in Europe and America. These gentlemen and ladies who received orthodox education firmly believe that noble temperament needs to be wrapped in layers, so some avant-garde things are incompatible with rigorous aristocratic golf clubs. In this context, ladies can only choose to wear wide-brimmed hats and well-dressed long skirts to play. These conservative clothes greatly limit technical improvement.

With the acceleration of the "popularization" of golf, some new golf clubs have begun to "untie" female golfers. Although the requirements of each club are different, most of them are relaxed, except that the wearing of jeans is still prohibited (even if the advanced (Or expensive), other provisions are: absolute loose fit for sports, jacket with sleeves and collar, pants skirt without belt. But now, these regulations are being broken one by one.

"In fact, women have very simple requirements for clothing, as long as they can reflect the femininity and femininity of women." Just as Nancy Hayley (CEO of a multinational fashion company) understands the female golfer's ball suit, she has now put all lengths The skirts over the knee were packed into the storage room.

The changes in women’s golf clothing are vivid: long skirts-tight-fitting women's short pants-mini skirts; styles, super large, loose, pleated-sagging-ultra short; in length, long to The ankle—19 inches to knee length—is now at the base of the thigh. Obviously, the length of skirts or pants is getting shorter and shorter, and the fabric is getting less and less.

   Right now, some well-known international brands, such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, etc., have launched tight tops and miniskirt series of golf women's clothing. In contrast, the golf women's clothing launched by some domestic sports brands are conservative. The main style of tops is always looser T-shirts. The annual changes are concentrated in sleeveless, short-sleeved or medium-length sleeves, stand-up collars, pointed collars or Round neck, buttons or zippers, the fabric is mainly knitted and cotton, and the color is generally a refreshing single color. The styles on skirts and trousers are mainly trousers, cropped trousers and culottes, shorts and skirts and so on.

Clothing comments: Golf is also a sport. The golfer’s dress, in addition to showing the health and beauty of sports, can add a sense of fashion. The dress of young golfers is relatively tight and gorgeous, which is also an expression of youthful vitality. .

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