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How to dress golf clothes

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Nowadays, golf is not only about playing skills. If you wear inappropriate clothes, you can also show jokes to others. This is a fashionable and high-end sport. Dress etiquette is highly valued by people. Give you a brief introduction to how to dress golf clothes, as follows:

  Polo shirt dress code ------The shirt has a collar

   Golf shirts are mainly collared Polo shirts. Wearing collared Polo shirts is also an important court dress etiquette. The shirt should not be too loose, so as not to affect the swing and putt.

   hem is slightly longer

   The hem of the golf Polo shirt is slightly longer than that of the ordinary Polo shirt, because the golf etiquette usually requires the hem to be placed in the waistband, and when the swing is turned, the hem of the shirt is easily brought out, so it is slightly longer.


  Quick drying and breathable

   Golf jacket fabrics are more diverse, but chemical fiber fabrics or mixed fabrics are preferred. At present, most of the fabrics have quick-drying and breathable functions. Some tops have special designs on the back and underarms, such as using fabrics with better elasticity or increasing ventilation holes, which are conducive to draining sweat from the body.

Golf apparel

   sunscreen elasticity

   When choosing a Polo shirt, you need to pay attention to its sun protection value. Generally, SPF30 or even SPF50 is indicated on the clothes tag. At the same time, it has a certain degree of flexibility. When sweating, the specially processed fabric is not easy to stick to the body surface and affect the swing.

   golf pants outfit requirements

  Professional male golfers must wear trousers to play off the court, while amateur male golfers can choose shorts, but they cannot be more than 2 inches above the knee.

  Same as golf tops, golf trousers, no matter trousers or shorts, should not choose a loose version, as long as there is no restriction on walking.

   It is best to choose a slightly elastic chemical fiber material for trousers, but ordinary pants for fitness, running or other ball sports are not preferable.

  Golf single product don’t ignore ---------------- Golf shoes


   A pair of comfortable golf shoes can not only relieve fatigue, but also help you stabilize the bottom plate and make a more solid shot.

   golf shoes are mainly divided into classic styles and sports styles. Classic styles are similar to formal leather shoes and are suitable for golfers who like traditional styles. These shoes have an elegant appearance and strong texture, but they are usually heavier and have slightly harder soles.

   sports style is the most common style, it takes into account functionality and comfort, so it is loved by most golfers.

   highball sunglasses

   In the face of harsh sunlight, a pair of professional golf sunglasses is essential. When choosing a frame, pay attention to the materials of the nose pads and the temple feet. Usually, these parts are rubber materials, soft in texture, and have good anti-slip and sweat resistance.

   golf sunglasses not only have anti-glare, anti-UV rays, and impact resistance properties, their lenses are also optimized for special objects and environments such as lawns, golf balls, the shadows of mottled trees, and obstacles blocked by clouds.

   highball glove

   A pair of golf gloves is very important. The fingers and the inner part of the palm are treated with a non-slip surface, and the outer palm and knuckle bends will be thickened, so that the club will not slide easily in the hand, making the grip and hitting feel more solid.

   In addition, when choosing gloves, it should not be too large, because most gloves will be slightly loose after a period of use.

   If you want to be vigorous on the court, keep learning one or two tricks above. The above is the dress code of golf clothes that Xiaobian brought to you. I hope it will be helpful to you! For details, please consult this site!

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