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Introduction to well-known golf equipment brands

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The cold winter is about to come to an end, and the warm spring is coming. If you love golf, do you want to return to the golf course and have fun after the whole winter? I think the answer is yes, you want to make your first spring debut To shine, the premise is to have sophisticated equipment, and golf clubs are the most basic equipment in golf, consisting of a head, a shaft, and a grip. According to the different uses of clubs, and clubs are designed with different head shapes and shaft lengths, golf clubs can be roughly divided into woods, irons, wedges and putters. There is also a kind of between irons and The club between the woods is called a hybrid or iron wood. Let the editor take you to learn about related brands of golf clubs.


  It has the best recognition among Chinese golfers. From the product point of view, Taylormade's woods can be said to dominate one side and dominate. It was the first to adopt the adjustable center of gravity technology. The emergence of this technology gave its wood poles a selling point with technological content. It is natural to dominate the wood poles on one side. Taylormade balls are suitable for the needs of the public. The products are new, unique, and cost-effective.

  2.Callaway Its masterpiece: X series irons

  Callaway’s irons are all through the shaft to the bottom. The weight is redistributed to where needed by shortening the neck. The low center of gravity design increases the probability of hitting the sweet zone and ensures stability. Its brand style expresses a cool and sexy concept.



   Golf Equipment Company was established in 1932, always insisting on its professional clubmaking direction. The famous tailor-made system is also famous, providing countless loyal fans with Titleist's most professional clubs. Titlesit brand golf balls have a long-standing reputation. In particular, Pro V1 and Pro V1x are considered to be the best golf balls in the world. They are expensive but very popular. In addition to golf, Titleist brand clubs are also sold, mainly for professional players.  

  4.Ping Its masterpiece: G5 G10 series, ANSER putter

  Ping Golf has created the first golf putter with heel-toe balance and surrounding weight. Its tailor-made golf is very famous in the industry, and its accessories provide golfers with more customization options to improve their personal performance!


   is well-known for its handmade clubs. Among them, the beres series 5 planet shaft neck is inlaid with 24k yellow gold and pure white gold. It is expensive and loved by the rich. It is a symbol of successful people and a symbol of the status of its owner.

  6.Mizuno masterpiece: MP forged iron series

Mizuno (Mizuno) was founded in 1906 by Mizuno Co., Ltd. of Japan. Its golf equipment is mainly aimed at players with low and medium handicap. The most classic representative is MIZUNO's MP forged irons series. It has a long history of development and powerful Research and development capabilities make MIZUNO products very popular irons on the market every year. MIZUNO has developed a series of beginner rod sets occupying half of its sales. High cost performance is an important feature of MIZUNO beginner rod sets.


Founded in 1897, the company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. It is currently the world’s oldest supplier of golf equipment. It has a long history and rich experience. It has continued to innovate during the 108-year development of golf equipment. Has a brilliant record of success, including winning 59 competitions.

   8.NICKENT (Nickent)

   was founded in the United States in 1991, and then based in Asia. From its establishment to the present, it has been in the golf industry for 20 years, and is regarded as the chief brand user of junior and intermediate golf clubs in Asia today.


   has been one of the most prestigious brands in the world since its establishment in 1910, and its legendary "65" golf ball has been leading the market for 50 years. Arnold Palmer, Seifer Ballesteros, Tom Watson and Foz Zoller were once loyal fans of the dunlop brand. The good performance of dunlop clubs helped them win many honors.

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