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Little knowledge of golf apparel

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With the emergence of more and more female golfers in the golf world, the fashion flavor of golf has become stronger than ever. A long golf game, beautiful colors, sexy posture, people have the right to demand more visual aesthetic enjoyment.

   However, in the early stages of the development of golf, the dressing of female golfers was strictly regulated, so that beauty-loving women spent a time conservative on the golf course.

  Since golf was originally a green male player, there are no special rules and requirements for dressing. However, by the mid-19th century, women’s golf clubs were established one after another, and the clubs began to pay attention to restricting women’s golf attire. They were required to wear wide-brimmed hats, tight tops and white wool dresses. These orthodox-educated ladies themselves also firmly believed that noble temperament needs to be wrapped in layers, so at that time, the avant-garde dress was incompatible with the rigorous golf club.

   Before World War II, golf began to be widely popularized in the upper-class society in Europe and America, and golf had more aristocratic women. Women’s clothing no longer needs to be deliberately conservative, but they are still required to wear jackets and ties, consistent with the dress of male golfers. Until the British Women's Open in 1947, Zaharias played in a skirt with bare legs, which has since caused a gradual change in women's golf dressing.

   By the mid-1950s, people began to accept women on the court wearing shorts that were knee-length or one foot above the knee. Female golfers began to get rid of the drag and restraint of long skirts, which was a release to a greater extent.

   But at the same time, some private golf clubs realize that women's skirts may be shorter and shorter. In order to maintain the etiquette of golf, they began to stipulate the size of women's skirts.

One afternoon in March 1983, a Swiss woman named Eva and her husband came to a club in the United States. When she hit the 9th hole, suddenly a man with a measuring tape came towards her. Asked to measure her skirt. It turned out that a member reported that her skirt was too short and she should not be allowed to play. Eva was stunned. The man squatted down and measured it carefully with a ruler and proved that the skirt was one inch shorter. So she was asked to immediately stop playing, either go back and change a skirt or leave. In the end, the lady changed her skirt and returned to the court. It is conceivable that it was an unpleasant playing experience.

   But today, most clubs have relaxed the dress code for women, and even gave women certain privileges. For example, a club in the United States stipulates that women can wear sleeveless T-shirts. The club even stated that women can wear anything else as long as they don’t wear shorts. So today, wearing tight T-shirts and low-waist skirts to swing sexy on the court is irrelevant for women, it is a matter of their own choice.

The changes in women’s golf clothing can also be listed as follows: from the perspective of the length of the skirt, long skirts—tight-fitting trousers—mini miniskirts; in terms of styles, super large, loose, pleated—sagging Type-ultra-short type; in length, as long as the ankle-19 inches to the knee-now the base of the thigh. Obviously, the length of skirts or pants is getting shorter and shorter, and the fabric is getting less and less. In the era when there were only black and white films, golf dress only emphasized comfort. Nowadays, beauty-loving women have broken through the traditional shackles. "Short, tight and gorgeous" has become the mainstream of women's golf clothing, and golf has finally become fashionable and sexy.

   Golf women’s wear has become increasingly bold. While the rules have been broken a little bit, the charm of golf women has also increased a little bit, making them as always enthusiastic about beauty. Of course, professional female golfers are even more unwilling to be left behind.

"You can wear it as you like, as long as it makes people feel like you are playing golf without affecting your performance."-This is the dressing strategy of the little golf witch Wei Shengmei. She has always admired fresh and generous clothes. Decent. Wei Shengmei is 1.80 meters tall and occasionally wears a tight top, or exaggerated and bold low-waist hot pants, or a tight sleeveless, ultra-short mini skirt with sparkling accessories. In major competitions, we can see her special dress style, which is always the highlight on the court.

   Unlike Wei Shengmei, the pink princess Paula Creamer is taking the sweet route. During the game, she wore a pink jersey, ball cap, iconic pink bow, pink earrings between her ears... With a sweet smile, youthful figure and superb football skills, how could such a Creamer Not attracting attention.

   Colin Butler may not be so famous, but she cannot be ignored when it comes to dressing style on the golf course. This Australian athlete always brings us visual impact: white sports cap, eye-catching necklace, sleeveless red and white tight top, low-cut V-neck, black low-rise cropped trousers and silver-white belt , Let the waist shine? Butler always dresses like this in the golf game, not only the style is fashionable, the color is also very bold, purple, orange, bright green...how to eye-catching how to wear, she is more like a golf course Rock star on the show.

   With the promotion of golf, the fashion industry has also extended its tentacles to this fertile soil. Since 2005, time has been set aside for the golf fashion show at the annual London fashion show.

  Gallaway and Nick also use the best designers in the design of women's golf apparel, and regularly launch new apparel products every year. The world's top designers such as John Galliano and Karl Lagerfeld have inherited the luxury of Christian Dior and Chanel into the field of golf apparel, and have launched a new golf sports series. Even the small accessories market is booming. Wristbands, keychains, cap badges, brooches... a single item can even be priced no less than a brand jersey because it has a golf label. The media and magazines select hot "golf babies" every issue. The sexy babes in bikinis and golf clubs finally managed to cross the history of wearing long skirts.

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