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The status quo and trend of professional wear and uniform customization

time:2020-10-20 author:Golf_apparel View:526

In the current era when enterprises are rampant and the Internet is developing rapidly, more and more enterprises can accept online clothing customization: suit customization, work clothes customization, uniform customization, factory uniform customization, t-shirt customization, etc. Search the Internet at will, thousands of customized clothing manufacturers are displayed in front of your eyes, dazzling people. Whether it is custom T-shirts or cultural shirts or various types of clothing, I think it is very necessary to understand the current status and trends of clothing customization.

  Clothing customization is a new business model that has been particularly popular among enterprises, clothing factories and small workshops in recent years. Generally, a professional tailor-made service specially tailored for enterprises or institutions for work, which deliberately includes humanized branding such as corporate culture, logo, company name, and team code. As a corporate image, the unique uniform clothing of employees is also a manifestation of team cohesion. And it plays the role of company marketing and promotion in the company's on-site service.

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