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Rules of Golf Match Play

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1. General rules: Match play is a game in which one team plays against the other in a prescribed round (except when the committee stipulates otherwise). In match play, the winner is determined by each hole. Unless the rules provide otherwise, the side that hits the hole with a smaller number of shots is the winner of the hole. In a handicap game, the side with the smaller net score is the winner of the hole. The following terms are used to express the state of the game: holes up, all squares or a few holes to be played ( to play). When the number of leading holes is equal to the number of holes to be played, that side is called a dormie.

2. Hole of equal share: Both parties have played a hole with the same number of shots, then the hole is divided equally. When a player has hit the hole and his opponent has checked the ball to be divided evenly, if the player Subsequent fouls are punished, and the hole is divided equally.

   3. The winner of the match: In match play (unless otherwise specified by the committee, in a prescribed round), when one party has more holes ahead than the number of holes to be played, that party wins. In the event of a tie, the committee may extend the prescribed round by a few holes until the outcome is determined.

4. Exemption from the next shot, a hole or the entire game admits defeat: When the opponent's ball is in a static state, the player can exempt the opponent's next shot at any time, and the opponent is deemed to have made the next shot into the hole. Can be removed by either party. At any time before the start or end of a hole, a player can concede defeat on the hole. At any time before the start of the game or before the end, the player can admit defeat in the game. The decision to dispense with the next shot, admit defeat in a hole or the entire game cannot be rejected or withdrawn.

   5. Objections, disputes and appeals to the handling procedures: In match play, if there is a question or dispute between players, players can appeal. If the representative authorized by the committee is not present within an appropriate time, the players concerned must continue the game without delay. The committee can only consider accepting the complaint when the player who filed the complaint informs his opponent (i) that he is filing a complaint; (ii) the factual situation; and (iii) he requests a ruling. The appeal must be filed before any player in the match play plays in the next teeing ground. If it is on the last hole of the match, it must be filed before all players in the match play leave the tee area.

The appeal committee filed after the above time may not be considered unless it is based on facts unknown to the player who filed the appeal and the player who filed the appeal has been provided with wrong information by the opponent; once the game result is officially announced, any appeals made afterwards The committee may not consider it unless the committee is convinced that the opponent knew that he was providing wrong information.

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