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The difference between golf sportswear and other sportswear

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With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more attention is paid to physical exercise. Golf, as one of the sports that business people are passionate about, is becoming more and more particular in clothing. So what is the difference between golf sportswear and other sportswear? Let's see it together.

As a gentleman's sport, golf has decided from the very beginning to be picky about the sportswear. After all, the players who play golf are all big men. So what is the difference between golf sportswear and other sportswear? This article will analyze one by one. :

   1. Choice of clothing fabrics

   cotton piqué-composition: 100% cotton

   Breathability, comfort, and softness are integrated. This fabric is well-dressed, comfortable and breathable, good skin-friendly, good shape retention, and wide applicability. It favors consumers. The color of the fabric is bright, beautiful, with matching colors, tight and thick texture, and clear texture. It is mostly used for high-end T-SHIRT and POLO-SHIRT.


Golf apparel

   Quick-drying fabric (functional fabric)-Ingredients: 100% polyester

   Excellent breathability, sweat absorption and perspiration conduction performance. When the body is sweating properly, this new type of fiber can guide moisture to the surface of the fabric and quickly evaporate to expel the heat from the skin, lower the body temperature, and make the user feel cool and comfortable without making the skin feel sticky and uncomfortable , Make the skin feel more comfortable. Suitable for all kinds of sports wear in spring and summer.

   mercerized cotton-ingredients: 100% mercerized cotton

   has a silky luster, the fabric is soft to the touch, moisture-absorbing and breathable, elastic and drape is quite good; the fabric is refreshing, comfortable, soft, moisture-absorbing and breathable, non-deformation, and excellent gloss. Rich in patterns and colors, it is comfortable and casual to wear, which fully reflects the temperament and taste of the wearer; this kind of mercerized cotton knitted fabric is mostly used in high-end T-shirts.

   Cotton cover silk-Composition: 56% cotton 44%

  This fabric combines the excellent properties of natural fibers and man-made fibers. The surface is woven from pure natural cotton yarn. The fabric is breathable, has strong moisture conductivity after absorbing sweat, and feels smooth, soft, non-deformable and non-shrinking. The close-fitting front and back are made of polyester fiber, which has the functions of abrasion resistance, no ironing, no pleating, bright color, easy washing, no shrinkage, and good shape retention.

   stretch cotton-composition: 95% cotton 5% Lycra

  The elastic fabric interwoven with cotton and spandex is characterized by good elasticity, stiffness, wrinkle resistance, good drape and high strength. Soft, delicate, soft luster, good moisture permeability, suitable for all kinds of sports wear in spring and summer.

   stretch yarn-composition: 95% polyester 5% lycra


   The fabric is refreshing, comfortable, soft and wrinkle-free. The slight stretchability can make the wearer more casual when doing sports. This fabric has fast perspiration performance, which makes the golfer feel cool and comfortable, and makes the skin feel more comfortable. It is suitable for all kinds of sports wear in spring and summer.

   Single bead pull frame-Composition: 95% cotton 5% Lycra

   It has large stretchability, good shape retention, and no wrinkles. It feels soft and smooth, has the best elasticity, is comfortable to wear, and fits the body; it is acid and alkali resistant, abrasion resistant, and aging resistant. It has good dyeability and is not suitable for fading.

  Rib-Ingredients: 95% cotton 5% lycra

  The organization has excellent elasticity when stretched in the transverse direction. This fabric is mainly used for T-shirt collars, cuffs, hem, etc., as well as for sewing undershirts, vests, sportswear and stretch shirts.

   high density cloth-composition: 100% polyester

  The fabric is easy to wash, quick-drying and has a delicate feel, does not hinder swinging, and does not make noise. The rubberized honey velvet is loved by sportsmen and tourists because of its windproof, warmth and excellent water repellent function.

   cotton twill cloth-composition: 100% cotton

  Comfort and softness make the wearer feel cool and comfortable, without deformation or shrinkage, so that the overall style is body and shape. The texture is tight and thick, with clear texture. No wrinkling, no ironing required.

  2, clothing matching

   The matching of golf clothing can reflect personal personality and pursuit. It is divided into two aspects: style matching and color matching. The color matching seems to be more important. The tops with bright colors and novel patterns and one-color or striped trousers are coordinated and lively, and can match the environment of the stadium, reflecting a kind of taste and mood.

  Golf clothing can also be worn in daily life. There is no obvious difference in appearance between it and ordinary sportswear, but it is best to wear it during walks, sports, rest or holidays. It must not be worn on formal occasions. This will make people feel disrespectful.

  3, costume design

The collar design of    is generally three buttons, which gives a sense of solemnity and rigor, and can maintain a good body shape during the shot. The design of the sleeves should be tight. The length of the sleeves is slightly longer than ordinary short-sleeved clothes, slightly higher than the joints of the hands, and not too short, in order to avoid indecent scenes when hitting the ball. There is usually a triangular "notch" at the hem to make it easier for the athlete to turn around and hit the ball.

   4. Price

   I believe this is in everyone’s expectation. Of course, the price of such a picky clothing is more expensive than ordinary sportswear, which is in line with the status of the big brothers.

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