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Tips for manufacturing golf apparel fabrics

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Because golf clothing is divided into several types, various fabrics are used in the manufacturing process of golf clothing. This article will introduce you to the commonly used fabrics in the production process of golf apparel manufacturers


Golf T-shirt: Mercerized cotton, cotton, or polyester cotton are generally used. The breathability, comfort and softness of all cotton are integrated. This fabric is well-dressed, comfortable and breathable, good skin-friendly, good shape retention, wide application and other characteristics that favor consumers. The color of the fabric is bright, beautiful, with matching colors, tight and thick texture, and clear texture.

Golf vest: Generally, the fabric used is quick-drying cloth, which has excellent breathability, sweat absorption and sweat conduction performance. When the body is sweating properly, this new type of fiber can guide moisture to the surface of the fabric and quickly evaporate to expel the heat from the skin, lower the body temperature, and make the user feel cool and comfortable without making the skin feel sticky and uncomfortable , Make the skin feel more comfortable. Suitable for all kinds of sports wear in spring and summer.

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Golf vest: Generally, the fabric used is pure cotton or polar fleece. Polar fleece is a kind of knitted fabric. It is a small ingot knitted structure, which is woven on a large circular machine. After weaving, the grey fabric is first dyed and then napped , Combing, shearing, polarizing and other complex finishing processes, the front side of the fabric is napped, the polarizing particles are fluffy and dense but not easy to shed and pilling, the back napped is sparse and evenly balanced, the fluff is short, the tissue texture is clear, and the fluffy elastic characteristics it is good. Its ingredients are generally polyester, soft to the touch.

Golf raincoat: The generally used fabric is raincoat cloth, which is waterproof, oil-proof, environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell. No noise, so that golfers can perform better in heavy rain.

Golf windbreaker: Generally, the fabric used is high-density cloth, which is easy to wash, quick-drying and has a delicate feel. The rubberized honey velvet is loved by sportsmen and tourists because of its windproof and warmth properties.

Golf uniforms: The generally used fabrics are uniforms, woolen woolen fabrics woven with low- and medium-grade wool. The color is mainly piece dyed navy blue and black. Thick texture, suitable for making autumn and winter uniforms, coats, jackets, overcoats and labor protection clothing.

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