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What is a clothing manufacturer

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The question, "What is a manufacturer?" is as timeless as proverbial ten-leaf clover. It has no definitive answer, as clothes are forever evolving into new categories, taking new shapes and new forms. But for the sake of argument we can simplify the question by stipulating that it is a maker of clothes. In other words, someone who makes clothes.


Now let's refine our vision to a more manageable size. We want the answer to be more specific, more cut and dried, a slightly narrowed scope. What kind of clothing manufacturer makes the best clothes? A women's clothing manufacturer would be our best bet. A children's clothing manufacturer would be our second best. And a men's clothing manufacturer would be our worst possible choice.

Let's assume that our ideal clothes manufacturer is a women's clothing manufacturer, and we want to specialize in ladies fashion clothes, with a focus on evening, wedding and cocktail wear. We now want to refine our vision, making it clear that our ideal factory will produce gowns for evening wear, dresses for cocktail parties, and jeans and t-shirts for casual use. What kind of dress clothes do we need? What types of evening and cocktail wear do we prefer to produce? And what types of ladies fashion clothes do we require to make all of these different categories of clothes?

We now turn to our second question: what kinds of custom baby clothing should we produce? A women's custom baby clothing factory would be our best bet. We know that women enjoy looking beautiful and we know that babies enjoy being dressed in the most beautiful sets of clothes.

We also know that babies are very sensitive to their environment. They need clean sheets, comfortable bedding, and comfortable clothes. So it stands to reason that a woman's custom baby clothes manufacturer might be able to supply her factory with high quality, soft, comfortable, hypoallergenic cotton fabrics. She could also source her factory with natural, organic baby products such as bamboo for blankets and organic wool and bamboo for shams and strollers. This factory could even create organic and non-allergenic clothing in the colors of the future.

Our ideal clothing manufacturer is one that can make quality custom baby clothes. In order to create these clothing lines, we need a group of talented people who have each contributed something special to their craft. We need someone who has a gift for design, we need someone who is passionate about fabric and texture. This is the kind of manufacturer, we want to work with.

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