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Perfect swing with professional golf clothing to make you more brilliant

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Summer is about to pass, and it's a good time to play golf. It is a great joy in life to meet three or five friends, put on comfortable and breathable golf clothes, sweat on the green course, and hone the will. High-end and fashionable golf suits may make your overall image look good, but will a crappy swing make you feel embarrassed? Learn about professional swing postures.

  To hit a straight ball, the club face must be vertical when touching the ball, and the club head must be fully released after touching the ball. By controlling the angle of the back of your left hand, you can do both. The following is the specific approach:

   down the bar

   down the bar, when the left arm is parallel to the ground, make sure that the glove trademark is facing opposite you (see the bottom left picture). This enables the face to be turned vertical or slightly closed before the ball is touched.


   After touching the ball, fully extend your arms, keep your hands rotating, so that the glove trademark faces your body (see the bottom right picture). If the left hand is facing in the opposite direction (the glove brand faces the body when downswing, and facing the opposite side of you when resolving), the ball will definitely be played.

Mastering the correct swing posture, coupled with professional golf clothing, can be said to be a perfect combination of strength and beauty. This summer, it’s hard not to focus on it, so hurry up and experience it.

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