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As a clothing manufacturer specializing in the production of Polo shirts, we have been pursuing excellent products and efficient services. Located in Guangdong, China, we are less than an hour away from Guangzhou Zhongda Cloth Market and Humen Cloth Market, and we have a mature supply chain, so we have strong cost control capabilities!

In our production process, the commonly used fabrics for Polo shirts are polyester cotton, pure cotton, cotton + lycra cotton (high-quality spandex), also known as lycra cotton, mercerized cotton, double mercerized cotton, triple mercerized cotton, etc. Of course, we can choose the fabrics you need according to customer requirements

Sample display of our Polo shirt

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what can we do?

We are not only a manufacturer of Polo shirts, but also a manufacturer of golf clothing and yoga clothing. From design to production, we can provide you with one-stop service, so that you have more energy to expand your business territory!

What do we do?

Support small and medium orders (from 100 pieces), fast delivery (5~7 days)

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