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Custom made plus size swimwear&large swimsuits

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If you are looking for a manufacturer to customize plus size swimwear for your business activities, you are in the right place. Whether you are a start-up that needs to try small batch order or mass produce large swimsuits. Jingqi clothing is your preferred custom large swimsuit supplier. We offer a wide range of swimsuit sizes from youth size to 6xl plus size!

Custom made plus size swimwear&large swimsuits

Why choose us as your custom plus size swimwear supplier

Fabric: whether polyester fabric or cotton fabric, we sell it in the fabric market here. clothing manufacturers with more than 10 years of experience are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics. We can meet your needs as long as you ask

Process: we have a perfect upstream and downstream supply chain, which can carry out digital printing or embroidery on fabrics. At the same time, we have a group of skilled workers, which can ensure the quality and deliver to you

What we can do

Custom plus size print swimwear

The gorgeous printed swimsuit that never goes out of season is the main theme of the summer swimming pool party. In the coastal style painting pieced together by the shadow of coconut trees, it is a beautiful scenery. Our production line can be printed on various fabrics. As long as you provide patterns, you can customize Large Print swimsuits for you

Custom plus size print swimwear

Custom large size one-piece swimsuit

Custom large size one-piece swimsuit

Custom plus size beach shorts

Custom plus size beach shorts


What's your small order?

Our small order quantity is only 30 / color

Can you order samples first?

Yes, , but a deposit is required for samples, and the deposit will be refunded during mass production

How long is the production cycle?

Usually 20 ~ 30 days

You can post your inquiry request