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What can private label clothing manufacturers do?

Are there any products in our product line that you want to put on your own brand under your own brand? We custom produce any men's, women's, children's and all other clothing types, or you can choose any of our products as your own brand! With nearly 30 years of experience in the garment customization industry, we can provide you with the highest quality finished garments during the production process.

Jingqi Apparel is a clothing manufacturers company based in China with its own brand and label services. Our private label clothing manufacturers have the ability and skills to deal with high-end fashion label requirements, whether it is a complex design or the number of clothing required. As a small order clothing manufacturer, we provide the best services to start-up companies and new fashion brands, among which private brands are the most popular. We manufacture for different brands and companies, and they can put their brand names on the products. At the same time, we also provide our customers with the most favorable prices and concessions, and provide timely and safe product delivery.

We can make products for you.

We produce women's suits and dresses, tops, men's wear, men's casual wear, and different kinds of women's wear, such as designer dress tops and other fashionable garments. We produce small and large batch orders with private labels. We provide privileges to our private label customers, who can put their brand name on the product. Our outstanding professional team is committed to manufacturing high quality and quantity products. Our professional designers are experts in their respective fields. Therefore, they produce different kinds of clothes. According to customer needs, these different varieties may include all popular clothing and uniforms and products.

If you dont see what you are looking for, just ask and we will make it for you.


Our production facilities

Jingqi have been regonize as good custom clothing customed with passed numerous third-party audits. It constantly ensure that our facilities have safe, ethical working conditions as well as advanced machines for clothing production.

Our factories have invested more than 250 automatic machines which perform a variety of tasks, including automatic cutting, sewing, pattern making, digital printing, pocket open and button hole.

List of 5 Hong Kong clothing manufacturers

List of 5 Hong Kong clothing manufacturers

If you are starting your clothing brand and have not found a suitable clothing manufacturer, custom private label clothing products from Hong Kong clothing manufacturers is a good choice. However, choosing the right manufacturer is important. Here are some tips to help you find the best clothing manufacturers in Hong Kong.

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What is a Private label Clothing Manufacturer?

What is a Private label Clothing Manufacturer?

Private label is a business model in which a product (clothing in this case) is purchased and branded under the name of the own company. Manufacturers offering clothing may offer varying degrees of customization, however, there is no need to design items from scratch. The manufacturer uses its own suppliers to make the product, but then labels the product with the buyer's own brand. It’s an attractive business model because developing a brand makes you a seller, and your business grows as the brand becomes known and associated with clothing design. It allows you to stand out among non-branded items, which is a huge advantage in such a crowded market.

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5 tips for finding private label clothing manufacturers

5 tips for finding private label clothing manufacturers

Private label clothing refers to clothing designs made in a personal style, rather than copying other brands, and sold to customers in stores opened by the owners or stores that have signed agreements with retail stores.Since private label clothing i

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