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What is a Private label Clothing Manufacturer?

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Private label is a business model in which a product (clothing in this case) is purchased and branded under the name of the own company. Manufacturers offering clothing may offer varying degrees of customization, however, there is no need to design items from scratch. The manufacturer uses its own suppliers to make the product, but then labels the product with the buyer's own brand. It’s an attractive business model because developing a brand makes you a seller, and your business grows as the brand becomes known and associated with clothing design. It allows you to stand out among non-branded items, which is a huge advantage in such a crowded market.

What are the benefits of private labeling?

• Smaller MOQ:


Many private label clothing manufacturers usually allow you to order fewer items than wholesalers. This means you can diversify your investments. Instead of one 200-piece, you can buy several 20-piece garments to resell, resulting in a more complete product line.


Purchasing private label will increase your odds of connecting with a company that offers quality clothing in your niche.

• Higher profit margins:

This business model has slightly higher profit margins and brands are able to differentiate themselves from the competition. This also creates higher profitability due to lower manufacturing costs compared to producing your own products.

•Price flexibility:

This gives you more flexibility in your retail prices since you buy these items at the manufacturer's list price without paying the wholesale distributor.


An appealing aspect of private labeling is that you can control many of the decisions made in your business.

•custom made:

The items can be personalised from colour to cut to fabric, and you can sew your own branded label directly onto each garment. This is in contrast to ordering clothing from wholesalers and marketing it yourself. For those interested in a particular niche, this can make it easier for them to stand out in an already crowded market.

•customer satisfaction:

You can make changes that give you more control over customer satisfaction. If your customer feedback mentions specific issues with a line, you can resolve those issues before placing your next order with the manufacturer.

• Brand Choice:

There is no need to choose only one business model or the other when creating a brand. Many large online clothing retailers choose to stock their stores, with both staples from wholesalers and more customized options from private label clothing manufacturers.

• Clothing Collection:

Private label manufacturers produce a vast array of apparel, from maternity clothing to activewear. In fact, many of the clothing lines sold by companies like Amazon come from private label companies.

how to Find Private Label Manufacturers

After weighing the pros and cons of this way of doing business, you may decide that private label manufacturing is the right choice for you, in which case you can start by finding a manufacturer who is experienced with your product. While this may sound obvious, it is very important. What you want is high quality and reasonable price. Before you make any decisions, shop around for some different offers. Request product samples to try before purchasing. Discuss minimum order quantities, shipping times and costs, duties and responsibilities. There are many channels to find a private label manufacturer, but Google is a good place to start.

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