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The process of finding clothing manufacturers for small batch orders

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Now there are many profits in the clothing market. Everyone grabs this outlet and wants to make some spare money. However, in the early stage of entrepreneurship, they often can't make a large list. A small clothing studio or online store will face an embarrassing problem, that is, the starting order quantity is too small, and they don't know how to find a clothing manufacturer willing to take orders.

Therefore, if you are looking for a small batch of clothing manufacturers, you should think about the following points before looking for garment manufacturers:

The process of finding clothing manufacturers for small batch orders

1. Mode of production

There are usually two ways of garment processing, that is, they have their own design, garment manufacturers produce according to their own design needs, and provide private label customization services

Jingqi garment is the best customized garment manufacturer in China. Our model is to customize production according to the needs of customers. Whether it is style, fabric, technology and trademark tag, it is customized according to the requirements of customers. If you are looking for a customized clothing manufacturer in China, please contact us immediately!

The other is that garment manufacturers have their own product catalogs, and some styles are in stock, but many of the product catalogs of garment manufacturers are common and not novel styles in the market. Choosing this model is not very helpful to their business.

2. Prepare yourself before talking to clothing manufacturers

Many people just started their business. When they saw the factory information, they called. As a result, the person in charge asked about the details of the order, but they didn't know anything. As a result, they were dissatisfied with the goods, and the gains outweighed the losses.

You might as well have a list of questions before the consultation

What is the minimum order quantity of the factory?

How long is the shipping cycle? Can I get the goods before XX?

What level is the factory good at quality? Does it match your needs?

These questions must be asked clearly, and the details can be supplemented by yourself

3. How to find a processing plant

Go directly to the local garment factory

There are garment processing factories in each region. You can search the region + garment + factory type on Google, and directly go to the processing factory for investigation.

The advantage of this is that you can see the whole process of factory operation with your own eyes. It is more reliable, and you can match your own needs in time to achieve high results.

The disadvantage is that it takes time and effort. You may be dissatisfied with many stores, and then you still have to go back to the online to find the factory.

Online search

Compared with on-the-spot investigation, I prefer to find factories online, which has more choices and is easier without running around


Small batch orders mainly consider the starting order quantity of the factory, followed by the price. After all, the smaller the order, the more you need to spend. Many times, an order of 30 pieces can cost 3 ~ 5 times more than an order of 100 pieces.

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