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Custom 100% Cotton Printed T-Shirt For Men

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When looking for a T-shirt manufacturer, you must first figure out the T-shirt production process. As a professional Chinese T-shirt manufacturer, we can provide hundreds of fabrics and printing and embroidery techniques for customers to choose from. As long as you provide us with samples, we will be able to perform 1:1 replicas according to your requirements, which can fully meet your quality requirements

If you are looking for a T-shirt manufacturer in China, please contact us!

Hello my friend, If you just wanna order blank style, you can place the order online directly. 

If you wanna custom your designs, contact us to make your collection, we can send fabric color swatches for your select.


*Brand: Rainbowwaka

*Fabric Type:cotton


*Style: Gym/Exercise/Leisure.

*Design: loose fit

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