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Custom Womens Soccer Uniforms, Jerseys &Shorts In China

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Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer of custom womens jerseys for your business? Jingqi sportswear is your best choice! If you let us be your supplier, we can give you a lot of benefits!

Jingqi Clothing is a professional manufacturer of customized women's jerseys. Don't worry, we will provide you with the best quality products and services. As professionals, we can provide you with the widest range of customized women's jerseys. You can choose any of our jersey styles

Our customized women's jerseys come in various sizes. You can also send us your specific size so that we can manufacture it according to your requirements.

For your team, we can also customize it with your team name, logo, player name, player number, sponsor, etc. Jingqi clothing custom women's jerseys will suit your team!

For more than five years, Jingqi Apparel has been a trusted manufacturer of customized women's jerseys. By providing quality services, competitive prices, fast delivery and high-quality products, we have won the trust of many customers all over the world.

We also focus on custom sportswear and pants to meet your needs.

Also to customized women's sports shirts, we also have customized track and field team jackets, customized football fan jerseys, customized track and field warm-up suits, and so on.

How to Place Your Custom Womens  Jerseys Order

Custom Womens  Jerseys


Do you have any help in custom womens jersey design?

Yes, you can send the sample design to the manufacturer, and they can add or adjust it for you.

The best way is to provide a variety of sample designs for women's jersey manufacturers to choose from.

Always keep in touch with the clothing manufacturer and discuss any deviations in your design to get a final product that you are satisfied with.

What is the small order quantity for your customized womens jerseys?

The small order quantity is determined by the manufacturer's analysis. We accept production of small batch orders. In most cases, there is no most order quantity.

When determining the small order quantity of women's clothing, you should consider the following factors:

Shipping cost: Before meeting the manufacturer’s MOQ, consider the cost of shipping your order from the manufacturer.

Profit margin and break-even point: You should determine your profit margin. This should be considered before placing an order.

Manufacturer profit: This must be considered. The higher the manufacturer's profit, the higher the price of women's jerseys.

4. You should determine the deliveries that need to be made every hour.

After completing all the above operations, the garment manufacturer will calculate and set the small order quantity.

What is the price of a customized womens jerseys?

The price range of women's jerseys varies, ranging from US$23 to US$110 per jersey.

This depends on different characteristics, such as the materials used, the style of the jersey, and the personalization/customization involved.

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