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How to find a good women's clothing manufacturer

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Not all clothing manufacturers are created equal. Randomly select factories online without verifying whether the supplier can meet your quality requirements, it may end in disaster. Here are three main factors that really matter when choosing a Chinese apparel manufacturer.

 How to find a good women's clothing manufacturer

1. Product range

All suppliers specialize in certain product categories and sometimes even materials. If you plan to import GOTS-certified organic cotton T-shirts, you need to specifically look for suppliers that produce GOTS-certified organic cotton T-shirts—not just suppliers that produce “cotton T-shirts”.

Therefore, if you are looking for a garment manufacturer that can customize women's clothing for you, then the best answer is to cooperate with a factory that has such business capabilities. Instead of randomly choosing a clothing supplier that only produces children's clothing, for example.

Jingqi Clothing is a clothing manufacturer specializing in the production of women's clothing. It has more than 30 skilled workers with various skills. If you are looking for a women's clothing manufacturer, you may wish to contact us, I believe it will surprise you!

2. Minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements

All suppliers have MOQ requirements. For example, if the supplier’s MOQ is set to 500 pieces, you must purchase at least 500 pieces, otherwise they will not be able to accept your order. In the textile industry, there are 3 different MOQs that need to be tracked:


The minimum order quantity for each order: usually 500-1000 pieces

The minimum order quantity for each fabric: usually 250-500 pieces

The minimum order quantity for each color: usually 250-500 pieces

The minimum order quantity for each size: usually 100-250 pieces

Please note that the MOQ usually reflects the minimum amount of fabric that the supplier must purchase from its subcontractor. Therefore, you can reduce the overall MOQ by using the same fabric and color on multiple products.

In addition, custom-made colored fabrics (that is, according to a specific Pantone) tend to have a higher MOQ compared to the supplier's standard fabric colors.

Jingqi Clothing focuses on small-batch and multi-style order production. The minimum order quantity is only 50 pieces, and some products can be as low as 30 pieces. If your production quantity is not large, Jingqi Clothing is your best choice !

3. Fabric quality

A good garment, the quality of the fabric occupies 80%, followed by the workmanship, so having a garment manufacturer that fully integrates the upstream and downstream industrial chain is your first choice for cooperation. Jingqi apparel is located in Humen, a famous women's clothing city in Guangdong Province, China It only takes 10 minutes to the international fabric market in Humen and 30 minutes to the Zhongda fabric market in Guangzhou. In the choice of fabrics, we will provide 3~5 different quality fabrics for customers to choose, and ensuring customer satisfaction is our first demand. At the same time, all fabrics support quality inspection.

Contact China's best women's clothing manufacturer immediately to increase quality assurance for your business activities!

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