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I want to open a golf clothing store how to stock with goods

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Clothing purchase channels are diversified, and the more common ones are purchases in the apparel market and online purchases. Pindan Moments photo album concentrates the daily new children on the market. But what you don't know is that the clothing order model replaces the traditional clothing market purchase. After all, personal energy is limited.

If you want to open a good store, the source of goods is very important. You can spend more time to find the source of goods. Good quality and cheap sources are the key to the future expansion and strengthening of the store. The following will introduce you to several kinds of clothing purchases.

Manufacturers purchase goods directly. Regular manufacturers have sufficient supply of clothing and high creditworthiness. If long-term cooperation, they can generally obtain product exchange.

Wholesale market purchases, this is the most common way to purchase clothing. If you open an online store for clothing, then you can go to some large service wholesale markets around to purchase

Wholesalers buy goods, and you can usually find many of these trade wholesalers using search engines such as Baidu. They are generally supplied directly by the manufacturer and the supply is relatively stable

Therefore, we must strive to get a good wholesale price. The biggest difference between clothing wholesale and retail is: wholesalers sell a single product with low profit, and can only make money through a large number of shipments, while retailers sell a single product with high profit, but The volume is smaller than that of wholesalers. At the beginning of the store opening, most shopkeepers do not want to press too many products, so they will choose only a small part of each product as a sample, and gradually understand the consumer's market demand through the sample. If you find that the demand for the product is very large, then decide to replenish it, because this is relatively safe and the risk is small. But this method also has a disadvantage. When you ask a wholesaler to buy a single product, or no one is willing to give you the goods, even if the price is much higher than the wholesale price. In this way, the higher purchase price of your product plus profits will inevitably lead to your price being uncompetitive, and many customers will give up buying, which will invisibly interfere with your judgment on the market prospects of this product. Before you do, you need to deeply understand the needs of the customer population, have absolute confidence in your own selection of goods, give the wholesaler enough sincerity and confidence in the purchase process, and use the quantity to get a good wholesale price for yourself.

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